Rough Sports

  • My son is pretty sport crazy and says he can’t wait to play football. The problem is that I really don’t want him to play football because of how rough it is and how often people get hurt. I’ve tried getting him to play soccer and baseball, which he enjoys, but he always comes back to the idea of football. Am I a horrible mother if I don’t let him play? At least not while he is a little kid? --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • We have a pretty fun "flag football" team around here for kids. They have the fun of playing football without the pads and the collisions that parents worry about!

  • Flag football leagues are sponsored by the NFL in many communities and allow young boys to play football without many of the violent collisions associated with tackle football. Great suggestion Mommy RN!

  • I had forgotten about flag football - thanks for the tip! 

  • I was remiss in only saying young boys play flag football... I believe many of these leagues are co-ed and provide an opportunity for girls to participate as well!

  • You're right AnswerDad....there are several young coed teams around here!