Home Schooling vs. Preschool

  • With my wife on semi-paid maternity leave, we will really struggle to keep our one daughter in preschool financially. The school does a decent job of preparing our daughter, but we could really use the extra money to make ends meet. For a few months we may keep her out. Are we doing her a disservice? My wife is a preschool instructor, so it’s not like our daughter would not be getting some academic practice. It’s more the lack of social interaction that worries us. What do you think? ~Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I think with her two sisters coming and going and trips to the park she would have plenty of social interaction with other children.. Now if she is like my daughter who is so shy that she will do anything to avoid being social then maybe it would be best to leave her in the school environment.

  • Kids are adaptable...they will get used to whatever you need them to. If you will struggle financially, then don't put her in preschool. Instead, seek out opportunities to be social - gym clubs, classes, playdates, park trips etc. 

  • I think that MommyRN4 hit my major point-that being as long as you are seeking out social activities for your preschooler they will do just fine. :)


  • Thanks all... we have been doing just that and now that my wife is back to work, my second oldest is back in preschool. What it did do for us was give us the idea to delay our third child's entry into school. With our first two, we put them in school immediately at age 3. Our third daughter turns three in December, but we barely handle the finances with two of them in preschool. So we are going to wait until next September, when my second oldest enters kindergarten, then we will send her little sister to preschool. In the meantime, we have her doing gymnastics and going on nature hikes with kids her age through the county park system. 

  • Anwserdad, that sounds like a great plan!  Plus with all those sibs they are all getting plenty of social time. :)  -Jess