• My wife is excited to get my oldest involved in girl scouts. Beyond the fact that we hardly need several dozen more boxes of Thin Mints, I am excited about this possibility. What has been your experience with various scout organizations? Would you recommend getting my kids involved? ~Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • It seems all the men in my fiances family have been involved in the scouts in some form or another. His dad and uncle were in the scouts and his uncle is actually an Eagle Scout. My fiances dad was his troop leader for i believe both him and his brother at one point. My fiances brother is also an Eagle Scout. I think that the scouts are great for a variety of reasons, but some of my main reasons are survival skills that can useful if you are ever stranded in the wild, another reason is they teach all sorts of values like perserverence, and following through with your commitments. The scouts is also an accomplishment that you can use to your advantage on college and job applications.

  • I had wonderful experience in 4-H as a member and then helped with the kids once I aged out.  Some of my best memories as both a youth and then young adult come from 4-H events!


  • Thanks for the input ladies... I think we are going to take the plunge into scouts next year, as the feedback we have gotten resembles the positive experience you have had with scouts and similar organizations. I agree Brinny that the experience and character-building experience can be very positive.

  • I agree Answerdad, there are HUGE benefits through scouts and I believe through all of these organizations.  4-H helped me develop public speaking skills and after doing yearly presentations in 4H I transitioned into the role of being a nurse educator with ease.  4-H also helped me build friends that were involved in healthy activities/.  I can't imagine my childhood without those cherished days with my 4-H friends!