Toy Timeout

  • Whenever my kids fight over a toy or a book, I place the toy into “toy timeout.” What tactics do you use in your house when skirmishes over toys break out? ~Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I love the toy timeout idea!  Terrific one. :)  We've always done something very much the same-"if you can't play nicely and share then no one gets to play with the toy."


  • I like the toy timeout idea too! I just take it away and say that they lost the toy because they couldn't share. I also sometimes make them go in a room together until they can come up with a solution to get it back. That makes them resolve their conflicts and come up with creative ways to share the toy.


  • MommyRN my aunt did the same thing with my cousins for just about every conflict. She would put them both in their room and tell them tehy couldnt come out until they learn to get along because they have a lifetime of being brothers haha.. I definitely like the toy time out thing... oh and on antother note MommyRN maybe this is something you could empliment with your nephew who doesn't like to share.. Just a thought.

  • Ohhh good idea Brinny!