Getting Mommy's Attention

  • My mom loves to tell me stories about how when I was a baby, I’d get upset when my older sister would get attention from my parents. She says I used to yell, “My mommy first!” and throw a fit. Now, my two-year-old seems to be following in her mom’s footsteps, except she’s applying this possessiveness not only to her sister. My husband, my cat, even my laptop simply cannot physically touch me in Jordan’s presence without an emphatic, “My Mommy!”

    Though I know this behavior is relatively normal for children as they try to make sense of the world around them, that doesn’t take the shock away when it happens. Is your little one all about what is (or who is) his? How do you help them understand that he has to share the people he loves with others?

  • My daughter is 3 years old and she sometimes strives to get my attention as well.  Usually it's when in trying to have a conversation with somebody else or do something that doesn't directly involve her.  The way that I usually deal with this is by explaining that mommy is talking or mommy is busy and that I will talk to her in a minute.  I also make sure that we get plenty of time to do things together.  We read, watch movies, play games, bake, etc.

  • My daughter thinks the world is hers. Just today my wife told me how another mother was giving her son chips to soothe him and she walked up to the other mom and started to "cry" (really she's faking it, it would be humorous if it wasn't loud and piercing), which is her way of demanding things because she hasn't learned to speak yet. She'll also take objects from both her mother and I like our phones or food, and if we do not let her she begins to "cry" those times as well. We ignore her when she throws the tantrums, and when she tries to take objects from us we stop her and tell her that isn't acceptable behavior... it's an ongoing process Wink

  • The few times I got that from the boys I simply turned and said "yup" or "Last time I checked" and continued what I was doing.  I'm very skilled in multitasking Confused but when it got out of hand, I would stop whatever I was doing for a moment and sternly tell them what they were doing was wrong and why and continue.  If you don't show the seriousness of problem in your voice, they will just continue to push to see how far they can push.  It's a kid thing, but your the parent, you have to set the rules and follow-through.  It won't happen overnight but once they realize you are serious they'll learn.... then find something else that starts the whole process all over again!......Isn't parenthood FUN! Stick out tongue