Lice attack!

  • My daughter has long thin blonde hair and Lice seem to love it. She's had it 2 times this school year and is missing school because of it. I believe she's getting it form school becaue nobody else in tthe family has had it. any suggestions?!

  • Make sure that she does NOT share combs, hats, or hair accessories. Make sure you treat lice appropriately and that you are actually killing the lice eggs. Once appropriately treated, make sure your daughter keeps her hair pulled back at school, so that lice won't make her head their home!

  • I used to get it alot at school when i was younger (same type of hair just burrentt) and everytime my mom made me bag all my stuffed animals up, i think for a week but i can double check if you would like me too. She would also bug bomb the house to make sure they weren't still hiding somewhere in there. Also My son went to day care for awhile i i know they had to post when there was lice found on a child so i'd call the school and see what they are doing to let parents know it's in the school also. My mother had me use Dawn Dish soap on my son when his daycare said they had found some. I guess it kills everything and is easier on kids delicate skin.  But i would get in contact with the school and see what they are doing to prevent it from being spread.

    And of course enforcing the not sharing hat and combs and brusing with other kids in her class will help prevent it as well.