My 3-1/2 year old boy is not interested in food

  • My 3-1/2 year old son has lost interest in food suddenly. He is not eating well. Is it normal at this age. He alwants wants candies. He drinks 2-3 cups of milk in a day. He has lost weight. I don't know how to make him eat his breakfast/lunch/dinner. The food that he was eating before, he doesn't like it anymore. Please give me some ideas on how to make him eat.

  • Although food battles and picky eating are pretty normal at this stage...I would take him to see his pediatrician first. She may need to examine him to make sure there isn't something else going on. Once you get a clean bill of health, you can begin to tackle his picky eating----WITH your pediatricians help. Depending on his weight, she may want you to feed him certain foods. Whatever you do...don't give him candy. In fact....don't even buy any or have any in your house.  Rid your house of junk food all together for a while and only offer him healthy foods like fruits, veggies, cheese etc. But first and to your doctor.

  • First I agree talkign to your sons doctor has to be most important my son did this as well just not as badly. I started letting My now 4 yrold pick what he got for breakfast and lunch then i could point out that he picked it. We also still have very little candy and other "junk" food in our house so as a result we all eat healthier. Something that hepled us is if i sat and ate the same thing with him at the same time as he did he would see that it is good and would eat with me. milk also tends to be kind of filling milk is a very good thing so dont stop letting him have it. try just making his 2-3 cups smaller and giving watered down juice so you know that he is also getting other stuff he needs. My son still has times when he wont eat but now that he is normally eats we put what meal he refused to eat in the fridge and if he gets hungry and wants a snack he has to what whatever meal he refused to eat last.