How can you get HELP around the House?????

  • Now that my two oldest children are 4 and 6, I have started to get them involved more in cleaning the house. While it isn't always easy, I have noticed major progress in their abilities to help out. Every week they get to pick out the job they want to perform each day and the jobs range from emptying the dishwasher to feeding the dog. What ways do you get your older children to help out around the house? Are there any tips for preventing clean up struggles?

  • i use those washcloth bath mitts and spray them with the dusting spray and let the kids go to town on the tables and woodwork.  the older ones like to do the windows/mirrors with window cleaner.

    we also have a small handheld vaccum that they like to use to clean up small messes. sometimes i think they make a crumby mess just so they can suck it up.

    my kids also make their own beds, it may not always be perfect but at least its done and for the most part they are pretty good at it.  and of course they like ripping all the sheets OFF the bed when it is time to send them to the laundry room.  kids can also help with sorting - they learn colors and feel useful. just give them 3 baskets lights/darks/whites  this way they help you out and you get a chance to "double check" before they go into the washer - you wouldn't want a stray red sock getting in with the whites.