Commercials and TV influences on children

  • There are several TV stations that play fun cartoons for the kids every day. While the cartoons themselves are not objectionable, the commercials are. In between the cartoon program, commercials for sugary cereals, toys and other cartoon programs bombard the children regularly. Some of them show children behaving in a less than desirable way---back talking their parents, making messes etc. While I have started limiting these cartoons altogether, it made me wonder....Is there a better way to prevent your children from watching these objectionable commercials? How do you handle the influence of TV on your children?

  • TV has always been questioned as to its influence on kids. Certainly, we would like to limit the exposure of undesirable actions/behaviors to our children, but they will be exposed to such behavior eventually. So as always, it may make your job as a parent harder, but I think the ever-increasing production and education value for kids from today's TV makes it so that you will need to use TV. Many might disagree, but that's my take.