For the 2nd birthday

  • I need some ideas of what to do for my son's 2nd birthday, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me!

  • We do something special, but small. We took our son to Chuck E Cheese for lunch.  Then we have just the grandparents over for cake and icecream. This year we spent the day at the park and then had the grandparents over that night. We also have birthday waffles for breakfast (fruit, whipped cream, and a candle).

  • For Jordan's second birthday, we kept it small, as well. On her actual birthday, we got her two balloons and some presents, along with a small cake. Over the weekend, we had a little pizza party at my parents' house, with yet another cake and some small presents.

    I don't think I had a full-on party for my older daughter until she was three and in preschool. We invited all her friends to a local park, and served a Happy Meal picinic before adjourning to my place for cake. It was easy and everyone had a great time.

  • My wife and daughter are only 2 days apart for birthdays, and Madison's 2nd birthday will be this year... We are planning to take a trip as a shared birthday gift. We're still deciding the details, but will probably have a small party (or even just a dinner with cake) so that it can be shared with our in-town friends and family as well.

  • That's such a sweet idea.

  • For my daughter's 2nd birthday we just had cake, ice cream, and cookies with my parents and little brother.  For her 3rd birthday we had the same types of food with my older brother, his wife, their 2 kids, and my parents.  This year we're going to do Chuck E Cheese with the same group of people and have pizza and cake.  I'm also going to take her to Build a Bear and let her pick her own special gift.