How to deal with jealous siblings?

  • HELP!!! It's been four monthes and my daughter cant get over the jealous stage of her little brother.  I have done everything I can to try and get her involved but she is not having any part of it. I also have increased the time that her and I spend together, whether we go shopping or out to eat or just hang out together.  I always let her pick thinking that might help.   I dont know what else to try or do....any suggestions?

  • How old is she? Age has a lot to do with how children deal with these types of strong emotions.

    I've had the opposite issue with my girls. My older daughter, who was 8 when her sister was born, was very accepting of the new baby. This is most likely because she has another sister by her father, who she sees every other weekend. But the baby started getting jealous of anyone (even the cat!) getting near me sometime around 18 months. She screamed when my husband kissed me, my older daughter hugs me, and even went so far as to push us apart whenever it happened. We kept telling her every time this happened that mommy loves everyone and that they all have to share.

    Though this is not something she really understands, showing her over and over that she can share me with others and still get as much love and attention as she needs has helped. Plus, she's 26 months now and better able to control her emotions -- except for those temper tantrums!