School Problems

  • have many patients who come into my practice with parents complaining that their children are not performing well in school and have difficulty with focus and concentration. Parents become frustrated and sometimes punish their children, when sometimes, a developmental problem, such as ADD/ADHD could be the root of the problem. The first step is making sure your child is getting extra help at school. Secondly, you must have a specialist determine if your child has a developmental issue. If so, consulting a pediatric neurologist  can determine the problem and fix it accordingly.  School is very important and if your child is having difficulties early on, it can affect the way they view it later on in life. How do you handle your child’s school issues?
  • Great points!  I also want to add that if your child is having trouble paying attention have their pediatrician check them out as well.  A general well child check could show that he/she isn't hearing well (ear wax may be the culprit) or is having trouble seeing, and both of these issues are easily fixed!  A general physical is a good idea on all school aged children.  -Jess

  • My oldest was diagnosed with ADD of the Inattentive type. We knew he was smart but his behavior in school didn't match up. He was always in trouble and struggling to pay attention. I took him to a psychologist who specialized in children and identifying issues...she diagnosed him with ADD and we were able to get him on a small dose of medication to help him. It was like night and day...he became a happier and more alert version of himself and is thriving in school. I am glad we got him evaluated and now we are able to teach him behavior techniques to help him manage his attention issues.