Hello. I'm new here.

  • How do you cope with a two year old who won't listen to you when your husband is at work and you are trying to nurse the baby?  I have 3 beautiful girls, and I'm afraid that there isn't enough time in a day to spend with each one (the older 2) because i'm tied to the new born with nursing.  How do you moms of more than 2 do it?  My husband works 2nd shift so I'm home at night by myself, I really don't have anyone to help me out while he's there.  Any suggestions on how to do this.   Also, how do you cope with the lonelyness????  Sure, I have friends, but they are all too busy to come see me.  My mother comes over often, but she never stays long because she's on her way home from work. (my parents live about 30 miles from me but work around my area)  I'm exhausted and don't know what to do about my messy house.  My husband helps but with him working 2nds it's hard for me to ask him to help during the week ( I haven't worked since Christmas).  He's been working a lot of over time and gets home very late and sleeps most of the morning till about an hour before he has to go to work.  I guess I'm just venting beacuse you don't know me and I really need someone to talk to.  Not much conversation with a 7, 2 and 2 week old.

  • First, you have a two week old, so forget the house. You can clean it later. My son was two when my daughter was born and I would let him pick out a book and small snack for when I nursed. So I might say, "Grant, go pick out a book while mommy gets you some fruit snacks." Then I would sit him beside me and read while I nursed. Or I might ask him to pick out a couple of his favorite trucks and I would drive them around with him making siren noises while I nursed. He loved sharing his toys with me. If you make nursing a special time for your daughter, then she will look forward to it instead of act up. You can also offer stickers to her and your 7 year old when they do something to help you or are really good. My daughter is now 22 months and if I had a baby at this point I think she would like it if I sat in her room and let her cook for me in her kitchen while I nursed. Or we might all watch a short Elmo video while I nursed. We have one that is only 18 minutes long, so I don't feel too guilty about using it when I need to do something. Hang in there. It gets easier. I promise!

  • Dont be so hard on your self you are doin a good job.. Alot of mothers with two other children wouldnt even think of breastfeeding.. I have one that I'm breastfeeding.. It's a full time job in its self.. Maybe you can get the older child to help 'ENTERTAIN' the younger one while she nurses..  Maybe this helps

  • You sound like you are doing a great job already. Try involving the older children in small activities with the baby and asking them to help out in small ways too (such as picking up after themselves, or even just bringing you the remote Wink). That way they get to spend time with you and the baby and are helping out tooSmile.