Cannot get my 2 1/2 yr old to use the restroom in public, or to go #2 in a toilet. HELP

  • MY  2 1/2 YR OLD girl is only half way potty trained, she will go #1 in the potty but i she wont go #2 she holds it . she is also afraid to even get on the toilet in a public restroom. ANY ADVICE?

  • I would let her wear a pull up when you went out. She may be afraid of the public toilet. My son is 4 and is terrified of how loud the flush is. You can reintroduce it later, maybe when she is three or so. I wouldn't push number two either, as it can cause constipation problems. She's still pretty young and she will eventually get it.

  • Mine is so erratic, I don't know if I have any good advice! She is the opposite and seems to only be interested in using the potty when we're out! She never wants to do it at home and can't quite get the idea of letting us know she has to go before she pees in her pants.

    With my older daughter, she was nearly four when she finally was fully potty trained. BabyNurse is right in that she is pretty young (mine's even younger). Try to encourage her, but also let her get there in her own time. Eventually, she'll learn.

  • basic......

    go to walmart, k-mart, target or any store for that matter that sell babies/kids stuff get a portable toilet seat they have princess, pooh, and cars as far as i know  thats all i have seen im sure they have diferent ones.

    the toilet seat folds up so its easy to carry in the baby bag start using it at home....give her time time to get used to it,,,familiar with it get her fav. character or encourage a cute character for her... while doing that take the toilet seat with you EVERYWHERE you go your mother's house EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! I MEAN THAT!!!! lol

    she will get used to it and you shouldnt have any problem using it in public bathrooms because she will feel familiar with the toilet seat!


    OR you can just buy a couple of them and keep 1 at home and at ur mom's heh

    as long as it works


    p.s do u like to sit in public bathrooms???? i dont...