Giving Kids their Space/Privacy

  • We spend so much time with our children from the second they are born. It becomes second nature over their first few years to keep constant watch over them and make sure they are doing well.

    But giving a child their privacy and independence is also important to their personal development. How old was your child when you started to let them have more personal space and privacy? What are some ways you encourage independence in your child?

  • My children are four and almost two. I have always let them play alone in their rooms with the door shut when they need quiet time. If they are frustrated and I can't calm them, I give them their blankie and set them up with something to play. Then I close the door and they normally settle down and enjoy themselves for a bit. It has helped them see their rooms as THEIR space.

    That being said, I have baby proofed my daughter's room and there is nothing she can get hurt with. I did however, leave the Vaseline out once by mistake and she covered herself, her carpet, and her dresser with it.

    So far, privacy has been a non-issue, except when my son's best friend visits. They like to play doctor, so I make them keep the door open. LOL. Big Smile

  • Like BabyNurse, I let my 4 year old daughter have her privacy.  Sometimes she plays or watched movies in the same room my fiance and I are in and sometimes she will do the same things on her own.  I think that she actually values having some time alone because sometimes she requests for us to leave the room.  Of course, if she's in the living room that doesn't work, but I think that it's good that she's not dependent enough to want somebody with her at all times.  She's definitely a very social individual, but I think that she already enjoys just having some time to relax or play by herself.  I think this will help her out a lot as she gets older and starts school.

  • I think giving your kids their space to expolore their own private worlds is really important. I think the things both my kids come up with in their imaginations during their "own" time is really amazing. My two-year-old has entire conversations with her dolls. It's so cute.