So Excited

  • I found out that I'm having a baby boy i cant wait till i can hold him in my arms Big Smile

  • Congrats!! I have a 2 year old  boy, so I may be biased, but boys are wonderful! When is your due date? :-) 

  • My Due Date is May 8th so far based off of his size so far they are saying May 8th but ill see i have a feeling he will be a little bit earlier then that but i cant wait to have him in my arms Big Smile

  • What wonderful news!  I'm so happy for you :)  What are you most looking forward to?


  • My birthday is in May - it's a great month to be born! :-) I remember being so anxious to hold my little boy and just feeling out of body when I finally did! It took a while for it to all sink in for me. :-)

  • Congrats on the baby boy!! I remember when they told me i was having a boy and then seeing and holding him for the first times was the best memories. Now my baby is two months time goes by soo fast. But every day is just wonderful. Its crazy how fast you just fall in love with them the moment they are born. Im just soo happy for you to creat your own memories soon with him. And May 8th is my moms birthday she loves that day cause every couple of years its her birthday on mother day.. If you have your baby by them it will be the best mother day gift you could ever get!

  • Mehgan-I just love the words that you shared with craziibaby.  You are so very right about her baby boy being the best possible mothers day present.  It's a wonderful time of year with all of the new life, flowers, and longer sunnier days.  Since your kiddo is now two months old what is a piece of advice that you can offer craziibaby and our other expectant families in regard to the birth or the first weeks of motherhood?