fun with baby

  • So Im having so much fun with my new baby. He is starting to see us really well. Plus he starting to smile back at us. He got to finally meet his big sister and she was happy to hold him. Hopefully i can take them to get there pictures done together. I am planing on do a theme picture of all of us in feb. The theme is the number 3, because me and my husband will be together for 3years in feb. His daughter is 3years old and our son will be 3months old. Im going to make hearts the have the number 3 on them. the kids will have them pined to there shirts and we will be holding ours. I hope we can do it...OHHH so we took the baby to church the other day and it was soooo funny. The baby pooped so loud that everyone stoped and staired at him then started laughing.. I laughed too then wrote it in his baby book when we all got home. If anyone else has a really funny memory with their baby or babies please share.

  • That is really funny! My favorite memory of my daughter was one day she  was laying on the floor and all of a sudden she just grabbed her toes and started sucking on one of them like it was a pacifier! It cracked us up!

  • Mehgan-

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your new baby.  That is great news.  I love your 'three theme" photo idea.  This sounds like a really fun and memorable activity for the whole family, with great pictures to remember it all by.

    Keep us posted!


  • Awww - isn't it great when your baby is more interactive and smiling? I love your photo idea!! What a great theme idea. :-) SO happy for you with your little boy. :-)

  • I really enjoy spending time with my cute little baby girl. She is now 4 months old and really smile and laugh a lot and keeps on talking. Everyday, I feel so happy looking at her. My family really love her so much.

  • The baby is really very active  and many said that if the baby tried to suck their toes they want a younger one...hehehehehehe...

  • I totally love spending time with my children and can not wait to involove this little man, spunds like you are having a total blast.