Hi everybody

  • Hi  everyone im new to this website... my name is Maritza i would really like to make friends with all of  you... Its my first baby  and i dont know what to do .... if anybody would help me i would really appreciate it thank youSmile 

  • Welcome Maritza! This is a great place to connect with some incredible moms! How old is your baby--or are you still expecting? If so, how far along are you?

  • Welcome to strongmoms Maritza!  You have come to the right place to meet other incredible mom's, dads and other family members who are all finding their path through parenthood, some for the first time, and some not.  I want to encourage you to post, just as you have done-ask questions, respond to other posts and just find your way around.  If you need any help just shout. :)

    So glad you are here,


  • Welcome Maritza! So glad you found us here at StrongMoms. What are your specific questions about your baby? We'd be happy to help answer some, as well as the other great moms/dads on this message board. There are so many encouraging and helpful people. Jump right in to the different topics. Congrats on your baby!