How do you add friends?

  • Can someone tell me how to add other moms as friends on here? I cant figure it out.

  • I am working on getting an answer to this for you, I'm hoping to get an answer back to you tomorrow at the latest.

    Take care,


  • i was wondering the same i have been on the site for awhile but still learning

  • runningstar5-

    This issue has come up in the past, and I've tried to solve it myself tonight without success.  I have an e-mail in to get help with this.  Look for a reply from me addressing this (with luck) tomorrow.

    Sorry I don't have an answer right now!


  • Runningstar5-

    I did some research for you what I found out is that the button to add friends is not visible in some browsers.  It seems to be available in Internet Explorer for some users.

    Give that a try,


  • i thought you just clicked on that persons higlighted name and it gives you the option to send them a friend request? :0

  • hrnicole-

    If you can see that button on your browser than you are lucky!  It doesn't show up on all browsers or on all computers, so as i said above it's an issue that we are working on.  So-yes you are right, some people can do just as you say.  However, others can't-so if you do not see the button on your page don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why you can't see it.