Helping raise Grandbaby

  • Anyone else helping raise grandbaby?

    We are so lucky she is such a good baby so far. Baby daddy unstable & not allowed to have contact so daughter & granddaughter living with us.

    Any suggestions??


  • While I am not a grandmother who is helping to raise a baby, I applaud you for your dedication to your grandbaby. No doubt your daughter needs all the help she can get right now. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Welcome to Strong Moms! 

  • Hildy-

    Wow, what a lucky grandbaby you have!  You are giving that child a tremendous gift through your involvement in her life.  Step back for a second and consider all the wisdom that you gained raising your children-and now that baby benefits not only from that but also from it being your choice to be involved.  I applaud your hard work and long hours, may you know that you are giving tremendously to a child's life.


  • Welcome to StrongMoms! I hope you are able to find some great people on here to chat with. I haven't met any other grandmothers yet but we may be surprised! Your little grandbaby is blessed to be with you in a stable home. What a wonderful gift to give your sweet baby. Hang in there and I'm thinking of you!

  • Really nice, how lucky the baby. It gives joy and happiness to everyone.

  • Hildy, 

    How are things going with your grandbaby? Let us know if we can help in any way!