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  • I was told about this website from a friend of mine that's on here and how great it was. I'm expecting my first child in nov, i'm almost 4 month and I can't wait to find out what i'm having. I'm just wanting to get out there and meet new people that have been through all this before!

  • Hi! Welcome to the site! I am also a first time mom and due in November. This site has been very helpful. Plenty of moms or soon to be moms have helped me with multiple things. When do you find out what your having? What are you hoping for? My boyfriend and i dont find out till next month. :-( But im still pretty excited for everything. :-) If you need any advice or just someone to talk to everyone on here are very nice and helpful :-) Dont be shy 

  • I'm so glad I heard about this site! I find out june 22nd and I can't wait i'm ready to start buying stuff lol! I don't care what we have as long as it's healthy but my boyfriend of course wants a boy lol but so far we're thinking it's going to be a boy. Thank you!(:

  • Welcome to StrongMoms and congrats on your little one! It's almost June - not too much longer till you find out boy or girl! The shopping trips are so much fun. :-) I know you will find a lot of friendly and encouraging people on here - stop by with all your questions, concerns, and excitement! Looking forward to getting to know you. :-) I'm due in August with my second little boy and very excited to meet him. Welcome again!

  • Congrats! Are you going to have a baby shower? The reason I ask is i'd hold off on buying to much before it. I had to exchange so much stuff because we already had it... We thought for sure that we were having a boy also... even in my little girls ultrasound she looked like a boy to us... but nope... We had a beautiful little girl. Even now people think she's a boy, (She was wearing pink and white stripes with butterflies and flowers for crying out loud!!!! I want to scream!)  My fiance really had his heart set on a boy and i think i saw his heart break a little when the ultrasound technician said 'it's a girl!" Now he wouldn't give her up for anything... He LOVES his little girl.... You never know what you're going to have. So often we really feel like the baby will be one gender and end of entirely the opposite. Good luck though.. I hope you get what you want!

  • I feel ya there! Buying things makes it so realistic and its very exciting! We find out what we are having on the 21st! Hoping its a girl BUT as you said as long as it`s healthy we dont really care :-) Have you started feeling the baby yet? I couldve sworn i felt hiccups the other day. At my last doctors visit they said it was very possible. I can not wait until i start to feel the kicks!! :-)

  • Thank ya'll so much!!! I am going to have a baby shower but it won't be for awhile! I think i've felt it a couple of times. Sometimes it feels like little butterflies and then if i press hard enough and it's moving i feel a little something and i love it! I'm ready to be able to feel it move more! Thank ya'll again!

  • lad10-

    Welcome to strong moms!  You have come to the right place to meet other moms, get and give support and get questions answered.  You must be so excited about having your first baby.  What are you most looking forward to about being a mom?  

    Looking forward to getting to know you better, welcome again!