Hello everyone from cincy

  • I signed up a while back but havent used the message board. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am 26 weeks and first baby and its a girl. 

  • Welcome to StrongMoms and congrats on your little girl!! Do you have any names picked out? So glad you found us here and I hope you hop onto the various topics that are on the board and ask any questions you have. Looking forward to getting to know you. :-) 

  • ourfirst1981-

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the strongmom's board!  Congrats on your pregnancy, you must be so excited to be having a baby girl-and time is going to fly, and before you know it she will be in your arms!

    I think you will find this a great place to come for support, to get questions answered and to meet other parents.  

    What are you most excited about so far as the arrival of your daughter?  Have you picked out a name yet?

    Looking forward to getting to know you better,


  • hi there my name is michele   and i just had a handsome  baby boy name luke   and he is only  3 weeks  old,  there are alot of things  that we still need to get for him.. and  i could use a new friend  on here  because yall  have been  throught  what im going  through  right now

  • Welcome Michele! Congrats on your little boy. :-) He sounds like a sweetheart. Even though it sounds like you still need some things for him, your little guy mostly needs your love and attention. He will be a blessed little boy to have you as his mom. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and support you on your journey!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Jayne and my daughter was born in Cincy on July 30 th.  I am a first time mom and looking forward to having a place to come for ideas and help.  Can't wait to hear from all of you Big Smile

  • Pumaj34-=

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  I am so glad that you found our boards.  I think that you will find to this boards to be very supportive, encouraging and to have great advice from our awesome member an several nurse co-facilitators.

    Please do keep us posted, and welcome agan!