Just signed up today!!!!

  • Hello fabulous mommy's im looking forward to meeting you all and sharing lots of advise and experiences hope to talk to you all soon...

  • Hello! Welcome to StrongMoms! Are you currently pregnant or do you have kids already? I'm so glad you found your way here and am looking forward to getting to know you better. These boards are a great place to get encouragement and some good friendships. Tell us more about you! 

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    I'd like to join nurse julie in welcoming you to strongmoms!  I'm so glad that you found your way to the site.  I think you will find this an awesome place to come for support, to get questions answered and to meet other parents.  

    I look forward to getting to know you better!


  • I just signed up today which is 9/7/2012. So i wanted to say hello and welcome:)

  • Welcome to you too, Princessmom381! Glad you are with us! Tell us more about yourself. :-) 

  • Welcome everyone! It is so nice to have new moms on the message boards!

  • Great to have you all aboard! Despite that the site is strongmoms, there are a number of strongdads here too! Congratulations and welcome to the site. If you are at all like me, you will discover strongmoms is a great resource and you can get answers/advice for just about every situation. Good luck to everyone!

  • Thank you! I have a 9month 5months adjusted miracle baby boy,im a first time mom. Sorry i hadn't responded sooner.

  • Thank you! So do I, im glad i joined.

  • Hello and wecome to you as well.

  • Wow! You do have a miracle baby, that is fantastic.  How are things going now?  Even after spending my career working with babies and kids I'm still in awe of how well our premies do!


  • Yes i am very proud of him and greatful to have him after so many scares he is doing very well he is still on oxygen and nevulizer but he is very healthy and happy for all he has been through.

  • Congrats on your sweet baby! Sounds like he is doing well! He is home with you know, I assume? I bet you are thrilled to have him out of the NICU and home with you all the time! Are you getting any sleep? I hope it's going well. :-) 

  • Yes he is home now. He has been home for 5 mos he is starting to sleep through the night so im more rested now but before i was like a zombie. Yes im very thrilled i sometimes still pinch myself because i cant believe it. He isvdoing very well thank you.

  • hello there new to this site dont know really what to do im 22weeks and 6 days pregnant with my first boy i already have 2girls this is my first boy so excited