Profile? Where art thou?

  • I have no clue how to view my profile. I found it once, but now it eludes me. Help please. I feel like I've looked everywhere possible. Also, I uploaded a picture(can't find it) and another post (can't find it).

     Seems like I've lost everything, sure my mind is next. : p

    Thanks! (:

  • If you click on your name, you will see your profile... your baby is adorable!

  • Ok to view and edit your profile you just click on your name next to your profile picture at the top of the screen when you log in. It will take you to the master profile where you can input your children and their ages, stuff about you....To find your posts just click on any thread that you have posted on then click on your name and it will bring up your view-able profile that other users see... click on the XX posts link under your photo and that will bring up every post you have made that was approved. Don't be alarmed if it takes a couple of days to see your post sometimes. When you write a post or comment it is reviewed by the moderators and either approved or denied. If they feel it is even remotely questionable then it will take a couple of days and you will either see it pop up on the boards or you will get an email saying they can't post your comment for such and such reason. Now for your photo that you can't find... did you upload it to the page where you can see all the users babies/ children? It also is moderated so it can also take a couple of days sometimes. Also there are a lot of people that post often so maybe your photo was knocked back a page. I have also noticed that sometimes if you flip through them while the photos are enlarged that everyone but your photo will come up. anyway just give it a couple of days and try to re-post if you don't see it. I hope some of this helped.

  • AnswerDad03 Thank you so much! (:

    Brinny Hey again (: I kinda figured it out yesterday after i posted it lol, but thank you. I was clicking on my profile at the top and I couldn't get past the edit finally my name came up at the side and I just used that

  • Clicking on your name, or when you first sign in you are on it.