• Hello everyone,

    This site is very nice and welcoming.  I have two children and expecting number three in May.  Parenting sure can be tough sometimes! From tantrums to happy times, you never know what to expect!! I am glad we have a site like this to ask questions.  It's nice to read all of the different posts on here. At least I know I'm not the only mother out there freaking out sometimes!! LOL :)

  • This site is a wonderful community. Sometimes, moms feel alone and confused, wondering if these feelings are normal. Sometimes moms have questions when entering unfamiliar territory and need some helpful advice. We are here to address any concerns and answer all questions. No one needs to feel alone. We are here to help and support! I'm glad you are enjoying your time on this site.

  • Welcome!!! I am glad you stumbled here and hope to see you around the boards. It is a great site to get (and give) advice. After all.....it really does take a village to raise children and I personally have benefited from the wisdom and advice of all the mothers here. Glad you are here !

  • Welcome aboard! I have found there to be a community of caring parents on this site who continually have good advice and sound insight on issues that affect parents across the spectrum. Whether to give or receive advice, your arrival is a great first step!