New here too

  • Hi my name is Jennifer. I have 2 kids and another one on the way. I have a 5 year old daughter ( Kaitlyn) and a 3 year old son (Justin). I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. I am having another boy. He is due around April 29th. Don't have a name picked out yet for him.  Looking forward to meeting other moms on here.

  • Hi Jennifer I'm Kristin.  Am expecting 1st baby in April too, also a boy.  We want to call him Philip. I have been home entire pregnancy and just joined this site today.

  • hi I am Brittany and I am expecting my first baby in july and just  was wondering if any of  u have any advice on anything about what i can expect in the next few months of pregnancy.

    thanks if you do.



  • I ladies I'm Jackie. I am 18weeks today. I am having a boy. I am due June23rd. This is my first one. His name is Sebastian.

  • Hi Brittany I am new at this.  I know I already responded but not sure if I made it on your "friends" list.  Anyway my name is Kristin and if u dont have it already u should get the book "What to expect when you're expecting".  I have practically memorized it by now. But so far I have experienced:  upper back ache, sleepless nights (this is only when your bump gets bigger), cravings for limes (not kidding!), and occasional mood swings.  My husband has been SOOO supportive! Anyway that's all I can think of for now. Hope it was helpful.

  • Hi Jennifer. Congratulations on this latest pregnancy. I am the mother of 4. An 11, 7, soon to be 3 in Feb and an 10 week old. My boys are my two bookends and I have 2 girls as well. Their birthday are Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb.  What were we thinking?? LOL  I look forward to meeting other mother on here as well.   Continue to smile and have a great day.  Alexandra

  • Hi Jennifer, my name is Robin    and  i am currently 28 weeks pregnant. I have 2 also but my daughter  is 18 and my son 15  so!!!! here i go once more ! im new to this site just hopeing to find moms to talk to an ask questions to. Hope all is going good with you my little on is moveing so much so times i think  she going to come out kick boxing lol .   Hope you have outher mom wrighting you .Take care and hope to here from you on whats going on .                                                                                                                                                               

  • Hi ladies my name is Melissa and i am expecting my first on August 26th, i am really excited and nervous about the labor part. Im 12 weeks and getting huge already can i expect the labor to be hard?

  • For the past 2 weeks my baby has been doing some kind of gymnastics. With him tumbling around so much. Then the kicking or the punching which ever one he is doing. It's like he wants to wait til I start going to bed to start that. But really I don't have much longer til this is all going to be over with. Cause at the last trimester it's like it goes by so fast. Do you have a name picked out yet for your little girl?

  • I had that book. But never really read it. Ya the backaches and trying to roll over  in the middle of the night as your belly gets bigger. I hate the round ligament pain. That really does hurt. It like a real sharp pain. But it doesn't last long.  But always try to get rest.


    I had cravings with my first 2 pregnancies. Hot wings with the first pregnancy and twizzlers with the 2nd. For some reason this pregnancy I don't really have any cravings for one particular thing

  • Oh gosh you have to go thru the summer months. I am so glad that is one thing i never had to experience. CoolI don't think I would be able to handle the heat and being pregnant at the same time.


    I'm not sure everyone's labor is different.   I pray that it won't be hard for you. With both my kids I was only in labor for 5-6 hrs if that with each one. First one I got induced and epideral. Not too bad. The 2nd one. Went in at 730 am with nothing no epideral or nothing and had him natural. It went fine. I gained bout I want to say 45 lbs Zip it!with each kid. Labor went fine for me. This one so far I have gained 35 lbs. Tongue Tied . But I hope your pregnancy goes well.

  • Less then 3 months to go now. We have come up with a couple of names. We have decided between Dylan Thomas or Casey Thomas.

    We still haven't even got his room set up yet. I still have to move some the toys out of the toy room into the other 2 kids rooms. So  i can put his crib up. But he won't sleep in his crib til maybe bout a month old. Like we did with the other 2.

    The first month we let them sleep in our room in the bassinet. Just cause I feel  much safer knowing that they are ok thru the night. I can just reach over and check on them. Also easier to get them up and feed them in the middle of the  night.


  • i get lower back pains and we thinks i am carrying low my husband says that it means we are having a boy