New to Strong Moms

  • My husband and I have 3 children. We have a 15 year old daughter, a 9 year son and a 1 month old baby boy. I have been out of the baby spectrum for a while as you can tell with my other children. It's been surreal having a new baby in the house all over again. I never had an opportunity of discussion boards with my older children but really love this idea. Congratulations to all that have little ones, big ones and are expecting ones :-).
  • Welcome to Strong one of the facilitators, I can tell you that this is a wonderful site to meet plenty of new moms and veteran ones. Share some of your own advice or get help when you need it most... Let me know if you need any assistance on the boards...otherwise....WELCOME!!!

  • hey everyone my name is tesia but you say as tessa. i am a first time single mommy. i have a 6 month old baby boy!  im here to make some friend, share and get information.

  • Glad to be here. I'm, of course, new to the site. I had my 4th child almost 4 months ago....with quite a large age difference between them. I'm enjoying him so much!! Thanks for the wonderful site!

  • Hello!  I am a new mom and also new to this site.  My daughter is 6 and a half weeks.  I am looking to meet some moms and learn some tricks of the trade.  I do have a question though...I go back to work in a week and half and we are putting our daughter in an at home daycare.  I am scared out of my mind!!  I feel like I am abandoning her and will miss out on all the firsts in her life.  Is there anyone out there that can ease my fears?  I look forward to learning a lot from this site!