Newbie, Learning to Navigate Around

  • I just joined and I'm trying to learn how to get around the site and use it. I seem to be getting myself lost. Any tips??

  • Hi, welcome to the boards!  What exactly are you looking for?  I think that all of the regulars here pretty much post on all of the boards, so you're bound to get advice no matter where you post it!  If you click the Community box at the top of your page it will take you to another page.  From there you can click discussion boards on the left hand side of the screen.  It will show you all the categories available.  From there you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you.  Looking forward to chatting with you further!  I hope this info helps you!

  • Welcome, welcome! I would suggest spending a few days surfing the site to try and get the lay of the land.  Everything here is categorized pretty generally, but you can always run a search for a specific topic you're looking for advice on. Don't be afraid to post a question, even if you think it might addressed elsewhere on the site. We'll be able to guide you to conversations that are going on and even offer some new advice. Hope this helps!

  • Hi there like you I am new also, joined a few days ago after having baby last week! If you get any good tips let me know! :)

  • Welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy it here.

  • Big Smile