I am new.

  • I am new to this and I have 2 little girls with my husband who is in the marine corps. My name is Karla.

  • hi Karla,

    Welcome to Strongmoms! i am new to this site too. how long are you?

  • I have only been on the site for 2 days. How about you?

  • Hi I am a new Mom ( my son 6 days old) and I am new here, my name is Rita.

  • Hi i am new at all of this i have a step son who is three and i had my first born baby girl on the 4th of 2011 and my name is reita osborn


  • SO many new mom's to welcome! So welcome to strong moms ladies! I hope that you find support, answers to your questions, and some new friends as well! WELCOME! Jess
  • Hi Karla... welcome to StrongMoms and God Bless your husband for serving our country. Thank you for making the sacrifice of family time for our country as well. This site can serve a lot of purposes... advice, comfort, recommendations and friendship. Welcome aboard!

  • Congratulations to you all!  I am new here as well.  I have an 11 year old son and a baby girl that we adopted in May, when she was born.  I'm excited for a place to discuss and learn. 

  • taxitam-A warm welcome to you as well. I so look forward to learning more about you and both of your kiddos. I'm hoping that you saw the board for older children. You can certainly go there for support and questions in regard to your older child. Then the baby boards will be great for the little one. WELCOME! :) Jess
  • Taxitam - Welcome to StrongMoms! Congrats on your two precious kids. :-) How is your little one doing? Do you have any specific questions we can help you with? Check out the message boards and jump on in!

  • *Congrats* on the new baby...what did you name her?  I too am new on here.  My youngest was born in Feb, she is four months old, I can believe it shes getting so big so fast.  Her name is Isabella Jude, I have a three year old daughter, Madison and an 8yr old son James Jr.  I wish you the best of luck and look forward to chatting on here with you and everyone else.

  • Thanks Jess, I am new to the site and already am feeling welcome and very comfortable.