hi everyone !

  • i joined strong mom two months ago. i have a 8 months old son...please tell me something more about it ..

  • Welcome aboard and congratulations! This site is a great resources for parents of all stages. You can learn a lot of great information by being an active participant, or simply by browsing topics that interest you. It has been a great tool for my wife and me in our journey as parents (we have two girls and a third baby on the way).

  • Welcome to StrongMoms! This is a great website with lots of helpful information about parenting and life in general with new kids. There are tabs at the top that cover a variety of issues such as feeding issues, sleep patterns, health information, and more. If you log onto the message boards, you can connect with other moms and dads who are facing some of the same joys and challenges as you. Hope you enjoy it!

  • why are my posts not coming up right when i  press "post"?

  • sverhoeff - your posts are delayed slightly because they are screened quickly by the people moderating the site. they should show up in a little while!