• Just joined this site and it looks like this site is extra FUN but im lost idk what im doing help anyone?

  • Welcome! This site is fabulous for moms who want to get some encouragement, advice, and support from other moms! Up at the top are several tabs that have different topics and information by professionals such as feeding advice or pregnancy advice. If you click on the discussion boards, there are a couple of different subjects, such as "pregnancy" or "baby gear", and if you click on the subjects, you will see the questions people put up there. Simply reply to them or ask a question of your own! Let me know if you are still lost - I'd love to help you!

  • It's great to meet you! I hope you're finding your way around the site a little better now. Jump right in and click "reply" to join any discussions you find interesting or click "write a new post" to start a new discussion. Ask questions, share tips, let us know how your pregnancy is going! I look forward to talking with you more around the boards!