just an introduction!

  • hi everyone, before i start to use the messageboards i just wanted to say a quick hi to all of you. my name is jenny, new here obviously and seeking parenting help in general but specifically for my eldest, reached toddlerhood. its a new phase that im not used to so if anyone can help id be grateful (horror storied welcome to make mine seem like an angel!)

    thank you and keep an eye out for me!!

  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Head on over to the Toddler section on the message boards and you will feel better! :-) There are some great moms and dads on here who love to share and encourage each other - hope you find it to be a great experience!

  • Welcome, Jenny! I hope you are navigating the site okay so far. There is so much great information here. I look forward to getting to know you!

  • thanks guys- il head over to the toddler board and have a little look now!

  • Hello and welcome. This is a great site and it is just full of helpful information and such. I hope you enjoy your stay and find the site as wonderful as I have.

  • Jenny- I also wanted to welcome you to the board! We always love getting new parents active on the boards! :) I think that you might enjoy the two boards that are specific to the toddler years and the older children link. You will find lots of good advice posted there and can receive and give support/advice to others. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your little ones! Welcome!! Jessica