Tips for using the site??

  • Hi everyone, I am new to the community section of Strongmoms and was wondering how you follow a discussion? I am reading posts by other people and would really like to know when someone replies, but I am not sure how to become a follower of a discussion.

  • Knmbr7, welcome to StrongMoms!! You are going to love it here - so many wonderful moms, and dads too, who are looking for advice and encouragement. Glad that you are already reading posts and jumping into the boards. If you look at the upper right hand corner of any thread of posts, there is a link that says "email me when someone replies". If you click this, it will direct any responses to posts to your email inbox so you can follow a discussion. Let me know if you still have anymore questions! :-) How old is your baby? Looking forward to getting to know you more. 

  • Hi Knumbr- I want to start by welcoming you to the site! I think that you will find that the board will offer you a lot of information, guidance, and a safe place to come for support when you need it. I am relatively new to the site and just love meeting new parents and learning about their pregnancy, birth, and baby experiences. To answer your question: to follow a discussion you will want to hit the link that is just above the message that says "Email me when someone replies". By doing this you will be kept up to date with every reply to the post you are interested in. Are there any other questions that I can help you with? -Jessica
  • Thank you for your help... my little boy is going to be 4 weeks on Tuesday. Now, we struggle with sleeping through the night.  He seems to sleep all day and then want to be awake after eating at night. He is my first, so my husband and I are learning as we go.

  • We have three including a 4-month old and I still feel like I am learning as I go! Welcome to Strongmoms and if you are like me, you will come to trust this site as a great resource to help answer questions and gain advice. I have found that Strong Moms is best in answering specific questions, so if there is something that you are unsure of or want advice about, go to the appropriate category and explain exactly what is concerning you or what you want to know. The pool of parents who utilize Strong Moms usually can provide you strong advice and excellent information to help guide your choice. Always consult your doctor if you have any health or well-being questions, but otherwise, you should always find some useful information here.

  • Knmbr7-Take a look at the posts on the "baby's first year" link. There are quite a few posts on there that have to do with sleep issues and I think they may be helpful for you. Let me know if you have questions after you check that out! Hope it helps, Jess
  • Goodluck with the baby, it's hard when they are at that age, but it will get better for you, when I had my first son he was exactly like that, he'll sleep all day and around 3am want to wake up and have attention. At around 3 months old he started to sleep through the night, every baby is different but there is still hope for the both of you, establish a routine early on when you see he starts to not be up at night as much when he gets a bit older, I'm on my second one right now, 8 weeks pregnant and I wonder what this one will get up to, most of all have fun, try to make the best of that time that you guys are sitting up at night with the baby, it's moments like that that make parenthood worth it, because you think back at it and you can tell him what he put you two through when he's older one day. My husband and I complained about it but now we look back and realise it's gonna be a funny memory to tell our son. Enjoy your baby, they grow up so fast mom ;-)

  • Knmbr7 -I just wanted to check in with you and find out how the sleeping issues are going. Would love an update! -Jessica