i'm new to the site

  • Hi all, my name is Kristen I'm new to the site. This is will be my husband and i's first baby, so i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting use to the site!

  • inky8988-WELCOME to the boards!  I think you will find this is a great source for information, support and encouragement.  I'm really looking forward to getting to you know and your new baby better!  Congrats!


  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Congrats your pregnancy - so exciting! How far along are you? Have you decided to find out if it's a boy or girl? I'm looking forward to getting to know you and I think you'll find tons of encouragement and advice on the message boards. :-)
  • I am 13 wks today and just had my second ultrasound! We are def. going to find out if it's a boy or girl i don't think we could wait 9 months lol i'm already wanting to buy things! Thank you for the welcomes!

  • I'm new as well! Congratulations to you and your husband!!!

  • Inky8988 - I hear you about the waiting game! Be sure to let us know when you find out. :-) 

    Aloumart77-Welcome! Are you expecting or do you already have kids? Tell us more about yourself!

  • Thank you and I'm expecting my first little one.  I'm 8 weeks and the father is only going to be there monetarily.  He wants to just be "friends" he says.  Of course I gave him the boot and said the heck with that (coward).  I got this and I'm doing fine. I'm 29 years old and I've always been pretty independent and even though this was not planned I am for sure bucking up and taking full responsibility and embracing this child.  I have a huge support group and I'm so very thankful! I just pray everything goes well and my baby is healthy!  I'm learning so much by reading and seeing how the baby is growing.  I really am glad I found this website through my doctor. 

  • Aloumart77-Sounds like you have handled this new challenge really well! I admire your sense of self worth and confidence. :-) You are doing such a great job preparing for your little one and this site is great for asking all kinds of questions and getting advice. Glad you found us!!