New to the site

  • Hey everyone, I am Casie. I am new to this site. I joined so if I ever have a question about something I could ask other moms and get their advice. I have three kids MacKenzie who is 3, Eian who is 2, and Aaliyah who is 11 weeks. Well all my little ones are alseep so I am about to go myself so Bye for now.

  • Hi Casie! 

    Welcome to StrongMoms! So glad you found us here on the message boards. This is such a great resource for you and there are tons of different topics being discussed. I'm sure you'll find some useful information and be able to offer some great advice as well! You must be busy with your kids - such a wonderful kind of busy though! Looking forward to getting to know you more. :-)

  • Thanks for the reply PedinurseJulie! I was beginning to think no one was going!! Yes I am very busy...but I enjoy it. I am a stay at home mom so I like that they keep me busy so I don't get board. But the one thing that drives me crazy is when I need to clean up or do something with the baby my other two don't ever want to go play in there room. They always tend to get into things they know I don't allow them to do. But other than that and a few other things that bug me I pretty much have ok So how many kids do you have?

  • Casie-

    You certainly were up early this morning surfing strongmoms!  I am so glad that you found the site.  I think that you will find a lot of support as well as answers to any questions that you have-just like you suggested. I am guessing, though, as this is your third child, you will find that you will be able to help lots of other mom's with your experience.  I wanted to let you know that there is even a board for older children-so the issue of keeping the 2 older kiddos busy while you are catching up on house work would be a perfect topic to post on.  Take a look around and see if there are questions that arise.  I am looking forward to getting to know you better.