new to site

  • Hi everybody, My name is Ramona and I am new to  this site. I have 3 kids and am in week 26 of our 4th and last child. Looking forward to meeting evrybody and even though it's our fourth will still probally have many questions along the way.!

  • Hi Ramona! 

    Glad you are joining us here on StrongMoms! This is such a great place to hang out and connect with other moms. In addition to the questions you have, you will be such a great resource for people with questions/topics you may have already dealt with! There is also a message board for "Older Kids" - that might helpful to you as well. Welcome!

  • Hi Ramona-

    Welcome to the site.  I am so glad that you have found your way here.  I think that this will be a great place to get support and questions answered.  I think you will also find that you are a good resource for answering questions and giving support.  I also wanted to point out our older children board as it sounds like you have a few of those. ;)  Please take care and keep in touch.