• Almost all the Milk that are sold in the market have this statement "There is no substitute for breast milk." Yes, this statement really implies a good message to all the Moms in the world that breast milk is the best. But sometimes, we need a substitute just like those who are working Moms.

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    There are a lot of messages in our world about breastfeeding, and I have found that many mom's carry a good deal of guilt around in regard to not being able to "be the perfect breastfeeding mom".  The first thing that I want to do is commend you for the hours that you have spent breast feeding.  What you have given your baby, even  if only a few milliliters of breast milk offers your baby great immunity and health.  That being said there is a reason that we have such wonderful quality formula.  There are many instances that children are not breast fed at all, and these babies do just fine!  Balancing breast feeding with formula is just fine, and it offers many benefits!  If doing so allows you to return to work, for instance, then you may have less financial stress, and thus be able to have more enjoyable time with your baby-thus strengthening your bonding with baby and enriching the hours that you spend with the baby.  Different things work for different moms and babies, and you need to do what works for you.  I think that our society pushes many unnecessary messages and this is one of them.   I want to support you in doing what works for you.  Please do continue to post and let us know how we can support you best.

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  • Hello and welcome to Strong Moms! We're glad you're here! I echo JessBabyRN's comments about breastmilk versus formula. As mothers, we do beat ourselves up WAY too much. Parenting is a tough job!!