Questions about posting

  • Hello everyone!

    I am new here today and I have tried to reply to several of the topics and conversations I have come across already but I am finding, even hours later, that my posts aren't showing up! Am I doing something wrong? I am wondering if this is going to even post, honestly... Trial and error here.

    In any case (if this DOES show) glad to be here!

  • Hi! So glad you joined us here on StrongMoms! There is a team of people that Similac use to approve messages before they are posted. This keeps the message boards free of any problems, etc. Sometimes it might be a while before they read through the posts and get your message up - it will happen! Looking forward to getting to know you! 

  • Thank you, I feel so silly now. I was getting the notices that my posts were being reviewed but when I checked back a couple of hours later and saw they still had not posted, I was worried that there could be something wrong. I am a born worrier... ::blush:: I apparently need more patience!

  • ohiogrown-glad you got your question answered and no worrying allowed!  Wanted to welcome you to strong moms as well.  :)


  • It has to be approved first and it can take a while and certain things won't be approved and so it will not post. If you have the site e-mail you when there are posts and replies, then it should let you know if it was approved or not in your e-mail. Hope this helps!