Community acronyms for newbies

  • Hi, my name is Terria and I have been a message board addict for 4 years now. I remember the first time I visited a parenting board there were so many acronyms that I had no idea what anyone was talking about. It didn’t take long before DH and ROFL were a natural part of my vocabulary. As a matter of fact (is there an acronym for that?) I was once filling out medical forms and put “DH” on the relationship line by my husband’s name. J Here is a list I compiled to make message board life a little easier for you newbies. Please feel free to add to my list!

    ·         DH, DD, DS: Dear husband, daughter, son

    ·         MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL: Mother, father, sister, and brother in law

    ·         TTC: Trying to conceive

    ·         POAS: Pee on a stick

    ·         BFN/BFP: Big fat negative/positive

    ·         SAHM: Stay at home mom

    ·         WAHM: Work at home mom

    ·         WOHM: Work out of home mom

    ·         AF: Aunt Flo

    ·         CIO: Cry it out

    ·         PPD: Post partum depression

    ·         FF: Formula fed

    ·         BF: Breastfeed or breastfed

    ·         TMI: Too much information

    ·         OMG: Oh my goodness

    ·         WTF: You will have to figure that one out on your own! J

    ·         LOL: Laughing out loud

    ·         IMO/IMHO: In my opinion/in my humble opinion

    ·         ROFL: Rolling on floor laughing

    ·         SO: Significant other

  • I see a lot of great ones in here Big Smile, but don't forget the Dad's!

    DW: Darling/Dear Wife

    STAD: Stay at Home Dad

    WAHD: Work at Home Dad

    WOHD: Work out of Home Dad