My name is Robin, and I am one of the online facilitators at I'd like to say I'm a super mom who has perfected the art of juggling work, family, kids and personal development. But the truth is I'm far from perfect and my blended family is anything but ordinary. I'm a writer and professor from a small town in New Jersey, where I live a hectic life with my husband, Blake, and two girls: Sabrina, 9, and Jordan, 2.

Together, we learn every day that being a family is never what you think it will be and that issues from health, nutrition and social interaction, to personal development and parenting/step-parenting skills never have an easy solution. But with love, laughter and a good dose of learning, there's always an answer to be found and a lesson learned. Now that you know a bit about me, it's your turn to dish! I'd love to hear your stories about how you're figuring out this thing called motherhood. Maybe we can write our own handbook!