New mom

  • Hi everyone! I just joined strong moms. I look forward to learning and getting good info to help me with my new baby boy Lucas. This is all new to me, so any help and advice is very welcome. i look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone here.

                                                                                                                                                      Sara :)

  • Hi Sara

    My Baby Boy's name is Lukas as well. Well, with one letter different. Big Smile When was yours born? Mine was born on october 1st at 01:40 am. He was 7lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. He have 2 older sisters : Alexis age 9 and Emily almost 5. I would love to hear from you.



  • Welcome to Strong Moms! I am glad that you are here....I have 4 children, ages 6 yrs old, 4 years old, almost 2 years old and a 6 week old baby. There are alot of great mom here.

  • Hi Steffy

    Lucas was born Nov 11th at 9:01pm. 7lbs 2 0z and he was 19 inches. He is my first baby. We went tothe hospital last sunday night to be induced and had him 2 days later. We just came on Thursday afternoon. Well worth the experince tho Big Smile

  • Hi Sara

    So Lucas is still a fresh one Wink HOw is it going so far? THe first day I was home I allready was out and about because we needed groceries. From there on I kept surprising people. Smile I haven't told anyone I will be induced ( i couldn't really deal with that fact) and their faces were priceless. One surprised me big time though. She said she didn't know I was pregnant Surprise ...hello ..big belly. ANyways, what I wanted to ask you. Does lucas have a second name? Just curious.

  • Hi, sara my name is alyssa & iam also new to strongmoms as well as being a new mom also..i would like to become ur friend & and share our exp we might have in the furture.well hope to hear from u soon!!! bye take careee....Big Smile

  • Welcome Sara! Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and StrongMoms is a great way to get advice and bounce ideas off of other caring parents. Welcome aboard, and congrats on the birth of your son!

  • Yep he's one week old today! His middle name is Christopher. We are still trying to figure out a schedule, he likes to eat more during the night, so I've been trying to keep him more during the day. I had my mom watch him for me yesterday so I could get groceries and other household things like cat litter, ect............ I only had the big belly too! Otherwise people really couldn't tell i was pregnant.

  • HI Alyssa,

    When was your little one born? We are still adjusting to all this and trying to find a routine. I'm used to my animals that dont need as much attention( even tho they are wicked spoiled ). Stick out tongue

  • Hello sara

    Lukas middle name is James. I was just curious, because my oldest daughter full name is ALexis brandy nicole. When I moved here last year, we found ourself surrounded by 3 other alexis's and ...well their second names are nicole. Off by one name but still. One of those got to be her best friend. Good that you have your mom around. My Family lives in germany. THey know Lukas only by pictures so far. I hope to be able to fly over to germany next year. I was planning to go for christmas but that was before Lukas was born.



  • Hello Everyone

    My name is Elizabeth and I am a new mom as well. My baby boy will be two months on the 28th. Still adjusting to the change. His name is Colton Christopher, he was 8lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. I look forward to getting to know ya'll and talk. :)

  • Steffy

     Funny how that happens, we know a lot of Aiden's. Yeah I've found plan's don't pan out the way they are supposed too when pregnancy happens Smile Hopefully you make it there this year!

  • Hi Elizabeth

     Colton's picture is very cute! I must say having a baby  is a big change to get used too. I find it to be very surreal still.


  • Hi Sara my name is Ana am also new to strong moms and my boy Roshane was born the 16th of this month.

  • Hello I just joined... I was looking in my similac bottle and i saw there is a website.. So being  a first time mom , I figure this would be a good way to get some great info.. My son is 2 months he was born september 27th ...He is the best blessing ...Big Smile