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  • Hey moms....im new to the whole strongmom and to being preganant all together, any suggestions????

  • Hi,

    how far along are you? I'm new to strongmoms too.  i just had my bab ya month ago.

  • im 24wks...and congradulations to u did u have a girl or a boy!!!!

  • Hello and welcome to the site! I am one of the online faciliatators and I am here to answer all your questions and help ease your concerns. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Hi, everyone.  I'm also new to the website and motherhood (my son is 6 weeks old). My advice is to trust yourself.  Often at times I think anticipation of the unknown is what drives our anxieties - it certainly did mine.  How would I handle labor?  Is my house set up for the baby?  WILL I BE A GOOD MOTHER?  It's crazy!!  One word - trust.  Trust that you will be able to get through the emotional and physical parts of this experience.  Trust that despite all of pregnancy's challenges will be managed effectively.  I went into labor very unexpectedly and started panicking because I couldn't remember the breathing exercises, my overnight bag wasn't packed, his nursery wasn't done...I wasn't PREPARED.  That's the beauty of trusting yourself - it relieves you of the not-so-important pressures.  The most important thing you can do right now, and leading up to your labor, is teach yourself how to focus physically and mentally.  When those contractions start, then you need be able to do everything in your power to work WITH your body.  If ever a woman needed to be completely connected with her physical self, it's during labor.  Contractions are a different kind of pain - one that requires deep breathing and absolute concentration.  FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.  I hope this advice helped a little and wish you the best of luck with your little one!   

  • Hi!  I'm also new to the website i have a 6 week old. This is my first kid. The best advice I can give you is just take it day by day. Only think about what is in front of you that day. Tommorow is a whole new day to start over. Once your baby arives its just amazing, it is really stressful at times but its important to take time to yourself whether its taking a bath or going out with a friend and just leave the baby with the dad. Those few minutes or hours really help keep you stay calm around your little baby.


  • hi ladies!! im 20 yrs old and its my first baby!! im 11weeks or so. and im getting a little nervous with all these test they take!!

  • Hello, I am also new to the website....im 26 and 19wks along w/ my 1st child

  • Hello Everyone,


    I just joined the site and I am expecting my first child. I am 16 weeks and 24 years old! I am so excited, I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I look forward to conversations and advice.