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  • Hello everyone. This is my first child and my first time being on here. My daughter was born Oct 15, 2009. And what a blessing she is to my husband and I. I am 22yrs old and my husband is 25yrs old. We do not have any friends with was already hard finding friends being married for the past so if anyone would like to chat....Please do!!!

  • Congratulations on your baby!!! Mine was born on Oct 7th! Of course, he is my 4th!!! Welcome to Strong will find a lot of great advice here on the forums and you will meet some really great moms here. I am glad you found us! Finding friends with kids is a bit hard, especially at your age. If you want to, search for some local stay at home groups in your area. Even the Moms of Preschoolers meet once a week and get together for playdates etc... Good luck and welcome

  • Congrats and welcome!!! I am 27 and about to become a new mom in March! I am also an online faciliatator and a pediatric nurse practitioner, so I am here to offer advice! So exciting!

  • Hi. I will be a new Mom in April. I wanted to know do you have any idea where I can go in Atlanta Ga for free childbirth Preparation classes. Any information will be greatly helpful.

  • Hello, i too am a first time mom at 31 Big Smile, Eloise was born Oct 18! I was told about this website by a cashier at Target as i was buying formula. Since i have joined, i have received coupons and samples. I am very impressed and feel i should be active on this site in return.

    Happt Holidays from oregon!


  • We are on the same boat. I'm new to all of this and to the world of being a mommy. My son was born oct 17 and like you and your husband both me and my husband are new parents.Im 21 and my husband is 

  • Hi, Congratulations.!!!!    This is my first baby too. She was born on Oct 18 2009. I'm 28 my husband is 25. We 're on the same situation. I dont have any friends with kids. May be we can become friends and share our stories about our baby girls LOL

  • my husband and i were younger when we had our first child (now working one second due in June) and we had the same issue friends without babies or kids. we still do it's been four years but the friends we still keep in contact with usually come to our house to hang and we take turns going out sometimes. I would love to chat with you. Congrats on the baby girl and i hope everything is going smoothly for you.

  • Congrats!!! Welcome to StrongMoms. You will find many people in your situation here on the site and hopefully connect and make some friends!