Hi Im new

  • Hi my name is Marisol Im new on this site. pregnant with my 4th child and very excited. Im due in June 28 2010. And hoping to get to know other moms and share our stories. Still trying to figure out the site.

  • Hi my name is Cleonia but everybody call me Cle i recently had my first child on December 22 and rite now im going thru the works with her and since you have three with one on the way congrats by the way i wanna know wat did u do to coup with it cuz she drivin me crazy.Confused

  • Hi Marisol I'm new too but pregnant with 1st child very nervous! Im due in April with a boy we want to call him Philip.  Im trying to figure out the site as well.  Home alone very bored.  Please feel free to share any stories that u might have with me!  My name is Kristin.

  • Hi Marisol,

    I'm a mother of two. Isabella is 4 1/2 and Gabriel is 5 months old. Wow you're 4th child that is great. You will have to give me some pointers on how to manage two. I'm overwhelmed with  the two i have. How old are your children?


  • Congradulations on your precious little girl I know its a lot to handle as a new mom but give it time you'll get the hang of it. Enjoy her and its all alearning experience for the both of you.Big Smile

  • Hi Kristin, I remember those same feelings when I had my first it comes along with the territory. Just read as much as you can. What to expect the First Year is a good book. And every baby is different they all have different needs, so you just have to listen to your baby. Im hoping I have a boy I have three girls already I find out soon. If I have a boy my husband wants his name to carry on so Louis it will be but if its a girl I have no idea what to name her Tongue Tied