New here as well.

  • My name is Kayla. I am 22 with a beautiful 2 1/2 year old named Marissa Jae. I am 15 weeks today with baby #2. As far as today they think its a boy but we'll be more sure at my 22week ultrasound. Im here for anyone who has any questions or who just wants to talk. I have a few questions of my own. Like potty training!!!! omg! Marissa will wear her pull-ups but WILL NOT go on the potty for anything!?!? i have no idea how to get her to use it. She'll wear "big girl undies" every once in a while but wont tell me when she has to go to the bathroom, just after its too late. any suggestions?!?!

  • I have a 2 1/4 year old and have had similar luck with the potty... just being positive at this point and not letting her stress about it.

  • mmm she may not be ready to train, n even if she starts using the potty soon she might back track on you when the new baby arrives. my advice is to either forget about it till she brings it up again or prepare to spend about two weeks doing nothing but potty training. i would think about her personallity and how a new sibling might effect her. do you think shell regress or will a baby inspire her to be a big girl? also spending time with a slightly older child that she admires, who is already using the potty, might motivate her to do it too.