New to StrongMom Community

  • Hi, my name is Shelly.  I had my first child (son) three months ago.  I am new to the StrongMom community and am looking forward to meeting moms.

  • Hi Shelly! Welcome to Strong Moms! I have 2 daughters (2 years and 11 months) and have found this site to be a solid resource for nearly every parenting and pregnancy question that can arise. I hope you will find it as valuable as I have!

  • hi shelly my name is courtney and i had my 5th child almost 2 months ago and i am also new to this site to.

  • Hi, my name is Jaclyn. I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am so excited!!! I am new to StrongMom and I look forward to getting advice from all the moms!

  • Hi Jaclyn!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!!  Do you know if you are having a girl or boy - or is it going to be a surprise?  Feel free to contact me with any questions - I had a challenging pregnancy!  Welcome to the community!



  • Hi Courtney!  All I can say is I am very respectful and envious of your patience! Five children  -  I have an entirly new outlook on motherhood now that I am one.  Congratulations on your new arrival!  I hope you do not mind if I ask advice at times - being a first time mom, I am not well versed in this area.

    Have a great day - Shelly

  • Hello!!  Thank you for the welcome.  Being a first time parent can be very hectic - as you probably already know.  I am thankful that there is a place I can go to get advice and information. 

    Thanks and have a great day!  Shelly

  • Welcome aboard shelly

  • congratulations on ur new baby sheelly.I am a first time mom dayghter is four months old...and im beginning to wonder if she will ever ever sleep through the night!

  • Welcome!  I know exactly what you mean - my little guy still does not sleep more than three hous at a time. ( and that is on a good night)  Everyone keeps telling me it won't be too much longer - but I am still waiting. 

  • Thanks for the welcome!!!