Any other Grandparents raising their grandchildren???

  • My husband and I are recently received full custody of his 21 year old daughter's seven week old daughter. We have had the baby since she was three weeks old... We are both in our mid 40's and this is a major adjustment for the both of us..... My children are 25 and 26 so it has been a very long time (other than occasionally watching my three year old grandson) since I have had a baby full time...

    On top of this, we both work full time and last week had to put her in daycare.... I am shell shocked on the price of daycare, formula, etc... We are getting no financial help from anyone...

    We both love this little girl to death and will do what it takes to ensure she is safe... Anyone else out there in our shoes????

  • I'm not really in your shoes, but my other two siblings and i were raised by both sides of our grandparents, as well as other aunts and uncles... I can't describe how much MORE i think i love my grandparents for heping take care of us, Big Smile (after my parents lost custody when i was 8)... I know it was very hard for my grandparents, especially cause thier age, but they did it! I'm still young, but want to THANK YOU for doing that! Your granddaughter will appricitate it one day! Stay strong!  Yes

  • Hello, I am not in your shoes but my mother was. She helped rasie my sisters children until very recently. I don't want to offend you and clearly don't know your money situation but I do know kids are expensive. I have a little bit of advice if I may offer it.

    Have you looked into WIC? It is a program that provides infant formula for babies. I think around nine cans a month. Which (for my kids) was always more then plenty.

    Also sometimes food banks will give you infant formula if you need it. In my town you only have to take your ID and the baby's ID (hospital card, medicaid card or SS card) they give out two cans at a time. Which helps.

    Some citys/towns have a child care assitance program. Here it is called CCMS (child care management services) they help find affordable daycare at pro-rated cost. You could contact your local department of human services and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Also, my mother filed for and (finally) got child support from both parents. It was not much but it helped with the childrens day to day needs.  She also recieved food stamps and medicaid for the children, which helped with doctor bills and such.

    God bless you for taking care of your granddaughter. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • Hi my name is Destiny.  I signed up for this site for my daughter so Iam under her username.  Iam in your shoes.  I turn 50 this year and my grandson is 12 this year.  Child protective services gave him to me when he was 10 days old and I've had him ever since.  Boy can I relate!  car seat, diaper bag, oh my!  Please email me anytime:  if you ever want to talk.

    Big thing - I went to dshs and I get $359 a month, full medical, and full daycare paid for.  Let me know if you have any questions