4th time mom

  • hi nice to meet the moms on strongmoms. im a mother of three boys soon to be 4.  the oldest is 17, middle child 7, for now the baby is 3.  im 31 wks boy number 4 will be here on may 30.  im a stay at home mom, but i do go to school.   pray for me as i pray that we all would have strong and healthy babies.  talk to you soon

  • Hi! I am also a stay at home mom of 4, but I had only 3 boys and 1 girl! Welcome to Strong Moms and I am glad you are here! Let me know if you have any questions or trouble navigating the forums. Welcome!

  • i am new as well, this will be our 5th but unsure if our 5th boy.  either way we are excited.  our oldest boy will be 17 as well this year and our youngest is 10 so it has been awhile but we are very excited.  prayers to you. 

  • I am too soon to be a fourth time mommie!!!  I have 3 girls and we are expecting our 1st boy in Aug!! YEAHHH!!! 

    I work outside the home and boy don't I stay tired and sleepy....I can't wait to meet our little boy....we have prayed for a boy for soooo long ando ur prayers have been anwersed!!!  We have 3 girls, oldest is 11, middle 8 and the youngest is 7....so my hands are ful!!!

    So nice to meet you all and good luck to you Smile