HI EVERYONE i am new!!

  • Hey everyone,

          Hello and how is everyone doing ?  I do not know how this works so i am trying to learn and makes friends. Well my name is Jessica and i am from Orlando Florida i am 23 years old and sadly  to say i am going to be a single parent,but the good part is that i have faith that i  can do it  . Just wanted to test this thing out so write back to me people :) thank you .... Jessica

  • hi! im new too. dont know how it works either. lol im trying to find new parents to talk to and talk about lifes with childern and such.

  • hi every1 i am new to the site trying to het friends and advise

  • Hi everybody... I have been a memebr for a year and a half and am the father of two girls, and another on the way (we will be surprised as to baby's gender)! My wife and I have found Strongmoms to be a great resource for parent info and advice no matter how silly or serious. I find it works best when you have a specific issue you want addressed, and then read the replies by all of the parents who can help guide you through many of the questions you might have. Congrats to you all!