Hello to the new mommies!

  • My sonis 9 months old today, 8/26 and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  He is beginning to walk, is mobile and eats 5 oz. jarred foods on top of 9-10 oz. bottles daily!  It's amazing he is 22lbs.  For those of you new mommies - I'm glad to be here for support and vice versa.  Here's to us!

  • Can Daddies play too! Congrats and your little guy is very cute!

  • Thank you for the compliment!  Nice to hear from daddies and that you're just as involved with your little one.  How old is your little one?  My son just started to learning to walk at about 8-8.5 months...he is into EVERYTHING, but it is SO fun to see his progression....

  • Welcome! Congrats on your little boy! It's such a relief when they can do a few things for themselves, isn't it? It only gets more fun. Walking, talking, playing games with you...it's all so cute! Wink